Mgr. Linda Pospíšilová el Karibová 
Project Manager 
e-mail: linda.pospisilova@ilom.cz 
phone number:
+420 739 436 199

League of open Men


Is an rganisation which has been supporting the prestige of fatherhood in the Czech republic for many years.
They took part in the campaign Dad how to do it?, and undertook a project called Modern dads, Active dad, They also support mediation in parent- disputes over child contact.
They organise a.Dads festival every year.
They are also involved with governemnt department for equal opportunities and they are engaged in the working group of the department called Men and equal opportunities.

Fatherhood Institute 


An experienced UK policy body they in support active fatherhood on individual and institutional level.
They focus particulalry on supporting strong and positive relationship between fathers (biological or step fathers) and their children;
They also campaign for mothers and fathers to share care and breadwinning and prepare boys and girls for their future roles as carers and earners.. 

Union of the centers for family and community


Is a national organisation of more then 50 community, family and similar centres.
They support initivatives of centre to improve quality of family and its members.
Their focus is on Involving fathers in these activities.
Together with LOM they organise an annual Dads festival.