About the Quality Mark


Mgr.Linda Pospíšilová el Karibová 
Project Manager 
e-mail: linda.pospisilova@ilom.cz
phone number: +420 739 436 199

Dads included is quality mark for organisations supporting the active fatherhood of their employees.

We are preparing new quality mark inspired by good practice abroad to be adopted to our legislative and cultural environment.  First quality mark holders are planned in 2014.

Are you intersted in the quality mark?: Be part of its‘ development 

The four benefits of the a quality mark scheme:

1. It will contribute to fulfilling your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
2. Itwill enhance  the prestige and reputation of your organisation.
3. Establishing a amily friendly environment will increase the  satisfaction and loyalty of your employees.
4. The creation of a Father friendly environment within your organisation means that you are at the cutting edge of social innovation and this is a good investment in the future.

The quality mark  isbased onthe framework oDads Included realised by partners Liga otevřených mužů, o. s., Unie center pro rodinu a komunitu and Fatherhood Institute Great Britain. 

The project is funded by European social fund (95%) and state budget for national co-funding (5%). 

The project runs running from December 2012 till November 2014. The aim is to support fathers and futurefathers and to create the Dads Included quality mark for employers who support their fathers