Mgr. Linda Pospíšilová el Karibová 
Project Manager 
e-mail: linda.pospisilova@ilom.cz 
phone number:
+420 739 436 199

TheDads included project is a partnership project of  League of open Men, Union of the centers for family and community and Fatherhood Institute.

The project is funded by European social fund (95%) and state budget for national co-funding (5%).  Project is running from December 2012 till November 2014. The aim is to support fathers and futurel fathers and to create the Dads Included Quality Mark for employers supporting fathers in via their HR strategies. 

When mothers and  fathers share working and earning this has benefits for women’s career development andcontributse to work life balance. 

Participation in he project will help employers to retain those employees who are also fathers

Within the project we are targetting parents/potentional parents and employers. 

We have undertaken a a survey of fathers/potential fathers by visiting family centres in the entire Czech republic.The intention of th survey was to gather information about these fathersand potential fathers, about their understanding of what active fatherhood means,their practices and professional experiences when keeping the balance between the professional and personnal life

On the basis of what this evidence tells us about what fathers needs and our limits we will offer a number of  seminars on active fatherhood including “ Focus on fathers “,„ Work – life balance for fathers“ etc

Our team of s local assistant will provide information to parents about family centres in their region, about our seminar programme , legal services for families, (labour laws,, parental leave anddivorce). These will all be offered for free in the framework of the project. 

For this target group we created a handbook called „Cheer dads“ for parents“. This handbook is based on  materials developed by our british partner the Fatherhood institute.

The handbook includes Czech statistics, legislation and links.Our local assistants use the information in this handbook when they work with families You can also download it for free on our website  www.ilom.cz, www.tatovevitani.cz.The handbook serve as a Guide to parenthod for fathers.

Resources for employers 

From our research and, evidence from the Czech republic and United Kingdom we created a short handbook for employers called Cheer dads for employers. 

This handbook is for HR managers and presents the business case for why dads should be included in organisation. Our local assitants have this hanbook or you can donwload it for free on www.ilom.cz, www.tatovevitani.cz 

We are currently interviewing employers in each regionof the Czech republic. The aim is to have information on how employers support fathers and provide us with some tips for developing the quality mark. In the autumn we will be running a creative workshop on standards for employers. Participants in at the workshop could become the first quality mark holders. 

Simultaneously they will take part of research assignment to analyse how employers support fathers .
The quality mark will be promoted via a campaign called Cheers Dads The campaign will commence isn April 2014
Thestrategic goals of the campaign will be announced by League of Open Men, Union of the Centers.
There will be an annual event consisting of a Dads festival, where quality mark recipients will be announced.

Cheer dads!

Simoultaneously there will be nominations for Father of the Year announced on Dads festival too.

The Project will conclude with an international conference for HR managers, parents and NGOs in november 2014.